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The 2016-2018 Read Russia Prize Longlist Announced

07-07-2018 - 08-09-2018

The 2016-2018 Read Russia Prize Longlist Announced


The longlist for the 2016-2018 Read Russia Prize has been announced. This year the list comprises 47 books translated into 21 languages by 50 translators from 27 countries. In total, 178 applications from 33 countries were submitted for the Read Russia Prize.


The longlisted titles in the four nominations for the Read Russia Prize are:


XIX-century Classic Russian Literature

  1. Nastasia Dahuron. Anne Godart and Stock Publishing House for Ivan Turgenev’s A Lear of the Steppes (Belgium-France)
  2. Žarko Milenić and Connectum for Leo Tolstoy’s The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Other Stories (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  3. Ganna-Maria Braungardt and DTV Publishing House for Ivan Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons (Germany)
  4. Marta Rebón and Alba Publishing House for Nikolai Gogol’s Dead Souls (Spain)
  5. Marta Sánchez-Nieves and Alba Editorial for Leo Tolstoy’s Sevastopol Sketches (Spain)
  6. Gérard Conio, Julie Bouvard and Editions des Syrtes for Nikolai Leskov’s At Daggers Drawn (France)


XX-century Russian Literature (works written before 1990)

  1. Rexhep Hida and Fan Noli Publishing House for Mikhail Sholokhov’s Tales on the Don (Albania)
  2. Fanchon Deligne and Interférences for Vladislav Khodasevich’s The White Corridor (Belgium)
  3. Moissei Mountian, Irineu Franco Perpetuo, and Kalinka Publishing House for Friedrich Gorenstein’s Psalm: A Contemplative Novel About the Four Judgments of God (Brasil)
  4. Boris Dralyuk and Pushkin Press for Isaac Babel’s Odessa Stories (UK & US)
  5. Bryan Karetnyk and Penguin for Russian Émigré Short Stories from Bunin to Yanovsky (UK & US)
  6. Dr Anagha Bhatt and Pioneer Prakashan publishers for Victor Dragunsky’s The Adventures of Dennis (India)
  7. Abdulla Hassan Haba and National Centre for Translation in Egypt for Mikhail Bulgakov’s The White Guard (Iraq)
  8. Fernando Otero Macías and Automática for Fazil Iskander’s Sandro of Chegem (Spain)
  9. Ornella Discacciati and Einaudi Publishing House for Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (Italy)
  10. Wang Jiaxin and Peking University Press for Andrei Bitov’s Pushkin House (China)
  11. Onon Chinbayar and Ulaanbaatar for Andrei Platonov’s Chevengur (Mongolia)
  12. Cecilia Maticiuc and Univers for Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s Stories and Prose Poems (Romania)
  13. Malek Sakkur, Shaher Ahmed Nasr, and the Arab Writers Union for Mikhail Bakhtin’s Problems of Dostoevsky's Poetics (Syria)
  14. Thomas J. Kitson and Columbia University Press for Ilia Zdanevich’s Rapture (USA)
  15. Anne Coldefy-Faucard in cooperation with Geneviève Johannet and Fayard publishing house for Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s April 1917 (France)


Contemporary Russian Literature (works written after 1990)

  1. Anastasia Risch and Hollitzer for Alexei Parin’s Chronicles of the city of Leonsk (Austria)
  2. Oliver Ready and Dedalus Europe for Vladimir Sharov’s The Rehearsals (UK)
  3. József Goretity and Helikon for Alexander Terekhov’s The Stone Bridge (Hungary)
  4. Đào Minh Hiệp and Literature Publishing House for Kanta Ibragimov’s The Past Wars (Vietnam)
  5. Helmut Ettinger and Aufbau for Guzel Yakhina’s Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes (Germany)
  6. Annelore Nitschke and Hanser publishers for Alexei Makushinsky’s Steamship to Argentina (Germany)
  7. Liu Xianping and People's Literature Publishing House for Oleg Ermakov’s The Sign of the Beast (China)
  8. Zhang Jianhua and People's Literature Publishing House for Andrey Volos’ Return to Panjrud (China)
  9. Els de Roon Hertoge, Annelies de Hertogh, and Wereldbibliotheek for Alisa Ganieva’s De Russishe Muur (Netherlands)
  10. Jan Cichocki and Adam Marszałek publishing house for Mikhail Kuraev’s Adventures of Kukuev (Poland)
  11. Antoaneta Olteanu and Gurtea Veche Publishing House for Victor Pelevin's Omon Ra (Romania)
  12. Ljubinka Milinčić and Russica Publishers for Vladimir Sharov’s Return to Egypt (Serbia)
  13. Yuri Machkasov and Amazon Crossing for Mariam Petrosyan’s The Gray House (USA)
  14. Anne Coldefy-Faucard and Actes Sud for Vladimir Sorokin’s Telluria (France)
  15. Maud Mabillard and Noir sur Blanc for Guzel Yakhina’s Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes (Switzerland)




  1. Eugenio López Arriazu and Dedalus for translation of Gennady Aygi’s poems Into the Snow (Argentina)
  2. Kiril Kadiysky and Nov Zlatorog Publishing House for Fyodor Tyutchev’s Selected Poems (Bulgaria)
  3. Anand Dibble and Ugly Duckling Press for Written in the Dark: Five Poets in the Siege of Leningrad (Gennady Gor, Dmitry Maksimov, Sergey Rudakov, Vladimir Sterligov, Pavel Zaltsman) (USA)
  4. Uğur Büke and Çeviribilim for Nikolay Nekrasov’s Selected Poems (Turkey)
  5. Sabri Gürses and Alfa for Alexander Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin (Turkey)
  6. Grigory Latnik and Annetta Antonenko Publishing House for Konstantin Balmont’s Selected Poems (Ukraine)
  7. Yvan Mignot and Verdier publishers for Velimir Khlebnikov’s Œuvres: 1919-1922 (France)
  8. Christine Zeytounian-Beloüs and Castor Astral publishing house for Yuri Kublanovsky’s collection of poems Impressionist Twilight (France)


The Read Russia Prize is given to a translator or a group of translators for outstanding translation of prose and poetry from Russian, published by a foreign publisher during the two preceding years. The Prize was established in 2011 by the Institute for Literary Translation, an autonomous non-profit organisation. Administered by the Boris N. Yeltsin Presidential Center, the Read Russia Prize is awarded biannually with support from the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.


The Read Russia Prize seeks to:

– promote Russian literature;

– support foreign translators who translate Russian literature into other languages;

– encourage foreign publishers that publish translations of Russian literature;

– strengthen and develop cultural ties between Russia and other countries.


The Prize is awarded in the following categories:

– XIX-century classic Russian literature;

– XX-century Russian literature (works written before 1990);

– Contemporary Russian literature (works written after 1990);

– Poetry.


The awards in each category are granted to the translator(s) and the publishing house that released the book. Winners are awarded certificates and medals along with a prize of €5,000 to the winning translator(s) and €3,000 grant to the publisher to cover translation costs of another work of Russian literature, to be agreed upon with the Institute for Literary Translation.


Applications can be submitted by publishing houses, educational, cultural and scientific institutions, and professional associations, as well as by translators and other individuals.


The Board of Trustees of the Read Russia Prize includes well-known Russian public personalities including Natalia Solzhenitsyn, Vladimir Spivakov, Petr Aven, Naina Yeltsina, Mikhail Piotrovsky, Vyacheslav Nikonov, Kirill Razlogov, Mikhail Seslavinsky, and Sergey Filatov.


This year the jury consists of well-known translators, philologists, Slavists, professors, editors and collectors, land aureates of translation prizes.


The shortlist will be revealed in mid-August, with the winners to be announced on 8 September 2018 at the official awards ceremony in Moscow.


Our general information partner is the online media portal Year of Literature 2018,


For more information about the Prize, please contact us at or +7-495-229-75-89.



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