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Entries for the 2016-2018 Read Russia Prize have been submitted

03-09-2018 - 09-09-2018

The entries to the 2016-2018 Read Russia Prize have now been finalised. We have received 178 submissions from 33 countries, including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Macedonia, Mongolia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Syria, the United Kingdom, the United States, and many others.


Most of the applications were submitted in the following categories: twentieth-century Russian literature (works written before 1990) and contemporary Russian literature (works written after 1990).


The longlist and members of the judging panel will be announced at the beginning of August 2018. The shortlist will be revealed by the end of August. The winners of the fourth competition will be announced at an official awarding ceremony to be held Moscow on 8 September 2018 as part of the final event of the International Congress of Literary Translators attended by more than 300 translators from all over the world.


The Read Russia Prize is given to a translator or a group of translators for outstanding translation of prose and poetry from Russian, published by a foreign publisher during the two preceding years. The Prize was established in 2011 by the Institute for Literary Translation, an autonomous non-profit organisation. Administered by the Boris N. Yeltsin Presidential Center, the Read Russia Prize is awarded biannually with support from the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.


The Read Russia Prize seeks to:

– promote Russian literature;

– support foreign translators who translate Russian literature into other languages;

– encourage foreign publishers that publish translations of Russian literature;

– strengthen and develop cultural ties between Russia and other countries.


The Prize is awarded in the following nominations:

– XIX-century Classic Russian Literature;

– XX-century Russian Literature (works written before 1990);

– Contemporary Russian Literature (works written after 1990);

– Poetry.


The award in each nomination is granted to the translator(s) and the publishing house that released the book. Winners will be awarded certificates and medals along with a prize of €5,000 to the winning translator(s) and €3,000 grant to the publisher to cover translation costs of another work of Russian literature, to be agreed upon with the Institute for Literary Translation.


Applications can be submitted by publishing houses, educational, cultural and scientific institutions, and professional associations, as well as by translators and other individuals.


The Board of Trustees of the Read Russia Prize includes well-known Russian public personalities including Petr Aven, Naina Yeltsina, Mikhail Piotrovsky, Vyacheslav Nikonov, Kirill Razlogov, Mikhail Seslavinsky, Natalia Solzhenitsyn, and Vladimir Spivakov.


For more information about the Prize, please contact us at or +7-495-229-75-89.



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